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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The A's, Part 2


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André the Seal Monument - Maine
Andy Griffith Show Filling Station: Recreated - Ohio
Andy the Footless Goose - Pet Cemetery - Nebraska
Andy's Amazing Card Trick - Sparky the Psychic Fish - Neat Trick
Andy's Art Attack - Awesome, Free stuff for your Web Page
Andy's Page of Fun Stuff 
Angel Links - in the New Age Section of Earth Station Nine
Angel, Sun - Joyful Alternatives for Spiritual Self Help
Angel Corner, Caro's - Nice Stories etc. But you have to Find Them
Angel Museum - Wisconsin
Angel Net - All about Angels 
Angel Page, Sarah's Arch,
Angel Shop, 7th Heaven
Angels, All About - Beautiful Page
Angel Corner Homepage, Caro's
Angels, Calling All - A Listing of Angels and What They Represent
Angels and Aura's - It's BIG
Angels for Peace - A Resource for Anything Relating to Angels
Angel's Ring of Excellence Webring Index - 75 Sites
Angels Webring Index, Special - Over 300 Websites
Anglo-Saxon Derbyshire - Site Database
Anglo-Saxon World, Internet Resources for the
Animal Attack Files, Archives 1999
Animal Behavior & Earthquake Prediction, Unusual
Animal Healing, Holistic Healing
Animal Links - under Animal and Pets  
Animal Magnetism
Animal Omnibus - One Stop Resource
Animal Planet - Discovery Channel
Animal Rights by Mesia Quartano -
Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology
Animals and Wildlife by Christian H. Sampson -
Annals of Improbable Research
Annexus - Numerology/Astrology/Charts 
Anonymizer - Online Privacy Services
Anomalist, The - The Mysteries of Science/History and Nature
Anomalous Cognition - Mind over Matter
Anomalous Images and UFO Files
Anomalous Phenomenon - And a Lot of it
Anomalous Phenomenon, Electronic Journal For
Anthropology by Alexander F. Christensen -
Anthropology - Web Sites
Anthropology - WWW Virtual Library
Anthroposophical Society
Anthroposophy - The Occult Significance Of Blood
Anti-Personal Home Page FAQ
 Anti-Irrelevant Information Revolution
Anti-Tomato Web Site, The
Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America 
Antique Swords and Firearms
Antiques Roadshow 
Antique World - An Antique and Collectable Information Center
Antique Worlds National Club List - US
Anton LaVey Page, The
APB Resource Center - Maps, Links, Statistics, etc
Apocryphal Book of Enoch, The - The Lost Text
Apparitions of Jesus and Mary: Our Loving Mother
 Nancy Fowler's Website - Conyers, GA
Apparitions of Mary and Jesus
 Source Listing with Date and Locations
Apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes  
Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin 1997
Appearances of Mary - About Marian Apparitions
April Fools on the Net
Aquarian Age 
Aquarian Age Information Central - Metaphysics/Crystals/Healing
Arabia On-Line
Arachnology Homepage - Spiders and their Relatives
Archaeoastronomy, The Center for
Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe 
Archaeology by K. Kris Hirst -
Archeology - An Exhaustive Resource from CyberPursuits
Archaeology - San Francisco Bay Area
Archaeology and Anthropology - Edgar Cayce Foundation
Archaeology in the Isle Of Man
Archaeology Ireland - Status, Wealth and Trade in the Viking age
Archaeology Resources Index 
ArchAngel Page, Sarah's 
Architecture by Jackie Craven -
Architecture, Society of Commercial
 Artifacts/Symbols of the 20th Century
Archive X - Channeling
ArchiveX - Paranormal Phenomenon
ArchNet - WWW Virtual Library 
Arcosanti - Architecture and Ecology 
Arctic and Northern Culture by Murray Lundberg -
Are We Alone? - Encounters/Crop Circles/Mutilations 
Area 51 - Groom Lake - Dreamland 
Area51's Brightest Stars Webring Index - 135 Sites
Argonauts, Jason and the 
Argus Clearinghouse - Awesome Topical Reference Resource 
Aristotle's Political Theory
Ark, The Enigmatic Fate of the - Chronicles of the Two Kingdoms
Arktion Federation, The - Europe's Ancient Heritage and Regions
Arm of the Unknown Soldier - Maryland
Armadillo Dance
Armor and Weapons Page, Therion's
Army Ants
Aromatherapy Links and Resources - in the New Age Section
Arse Racing
Art - Museum of Bad Art
Art and Technology by Sharon Silvia -
Art Resources, Internet 
Arthurian Resources - Medieval under Reference Desk 
Artificial Intelligence by Denis Susac -
Artists' Exchange by Philip G. DeLoach -
Arts and Crafts Business by William T Lasley -
As Seen on TV Products
Asatru - Norse Paganism
Asatru Page, The Irminsul Aettir
Ascension, Lessons of the
 Healing/Inspirational Writings/Channeling
Ascension Network, The - Spiritual/New Age Resource
Ascension Research Center - Whoa! It's BIG
Ascordia Center of Light 
Asimov Project - Writings in Science and History
Ask the Eightball
Ask the Rabbi - Jews For The Preservation 
 of Firearms Ownership - One Large Q&A Page
Association for Near-Death Studies, International
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Association for the Study of Dreams, The
Assyrian Cuneiform Texts, State Archives of
Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ
Astral and OBE Page, Balbene's
Astral Projection Home Page
 Lucid Dreaming/Auras/Kundalini/Chakras
Astro-Hotlinks - Space Related - Great Photo Links
Astrological Niche, Astro Annie's
Astrology Links  - Desktop References
Astronomy - see Astronomy under Desktop References
Atheism Web, The 
Atheist's for Jesus
Athens - Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know 
Atlantean Therapy
Atlantis - Ice Age Civilization 
Atlantis Rising Magazine Archive Index
 Ancient Mysteries/Holistic/Science 
Atlas, Massachusetts Electronic - General Category Headings 
Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, Barrington 
Atomic Cannon - Kansas
Atomic Tourism, Bureau of
 AWESOME - Visit Actual Sites of Atomic Tests 
Attic of Steve's Mind - Good True Supernatural Stories 
Augustine of Hippo 
AUM~Sparky's Mystical Stepping Stones 
Auras - Stan's Page of Links 
Auroral Research Program, High Frequency Active 
Aussie Unexplained Phenomenon - UFOs 
Australian Links Page
Australian Million Amp Battery
Australian's Own Site for Everything New Age
Australian Skeptic
 Investigate the Pseudo-Sciences and Paranormal 
Autopsy, The Virtual
Avalon Knowledge Bank, Isle of
Ave Maria Grotto - Alabama
Aviation - The Black Vault - 177 Pages
Awareness, Norwegian Center for Cosmic
Ayurvedic Health Center
Aztec Calendar
 Find Your Natal and Daily Horoscope in Aztec Astrology 






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